Summer holiday workshop Streetart

Tape Art

In this workshop we will "paint" with adhesive tapes instead of brushes. Different adhesive tapes with different structures, colours and shapes can be used. We will create large and small pictures, human and animal figures and experiment with different patterns. Equipped with colourful adhesive tapes and a bit of curiosity, we will explore different places in Zug together and revamp the urban space. Whether on walls, street furniture or the floor, the adhesive tapes can be applied to numerous surfaces and the space can be reinvigorated. Join in, we're looking forward to seeing you!

11–16 years

Monday–Wednesday, 10:00 –16:00

July 11.–14, 2022, 4 x 6 hours

CHF 280 including material

Picnic for lunch

Ana Vujic, artist and art historian

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