Architectural space

Water – a living space

Can you imagine living on the water? Or even under the water? How would your life change and how would you live? Maybe in a house on stilts or in a small space capsule in the middle of the sea? We will look at interesting examples in architecture from all over the world and let them inspire us. With a lot of imagination, we will dive into dreams of living in and on water. Using sketches, drawings and models, we will design our own small water worlds. In this space, we will plan, build and construct with paper, polystyrene, cardboard, wire or clay and create new ideas from recycled materials. Build, explore and invent new spaces with us and learn more about architecture and building culture!

8–12 years

Wednesday 14:00–16:30

October 25–December 6, 2023, 6 x 2,5 hours

CHF 235 including material

Yvonne Urscheler, Architect

Saturday, January 27, 2024

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